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She feels alive in the mountains

Outdoor storytellers: hike & photography trail in beautiful Austria

Outdoor storytellers: hike & photography trail in beautiful Austria

Want to bring the memories of your trip in the mountains to life? Join us on a photography adventure in Austria. With storytelling photographer Sher Takes Care & mountain hiking guide Nicky.

    Step into a world where reality and imagination merge, where every step reveals a new chapter and every click of the camera tells a story. Sher from Sher takes care and Nicky from She feels alive in the mountains join forces to show you the beautiful mountains and teach you how to become an outdoor story teller.

    Together with like-minded adventurers we set out, armed with cameras and phones, to capture moments that touch the soul. We travel through beautiful landscapes, listening to the stories they have to tell and capturing them to share with the world.

    Storytelling is central, because we not only want to capture images, but also convey the emotions, atmosphere and meaning behind each frame. In the high mountains we find a wealth of stories, and we are here to tell, record and share them.

    Immerse yourself in this enchanting adventure, put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and join us as we capture the beauty of nature and discover the true essence of photography: storytelling.

    About us:

    We are Sher Takes Care, a talented storytelling photographer, and Nicky, an experienced mountain hiking guide. Together we have one mission: to take your travel experience to new heights through compelling stories and enchanting images, which you will create yourself!

    What Can You Expect:

    • Your Story, Your Voice: Do you have a story to tell? We help you transform your unique travel experiences into powerful images. Learn how to translate your story into magical photography that captures the essence of your adventure.

    • Enchanting vistas: Our journey takes place from a beautiful mountain hut, giving us the opportunity to capture the most enchanting sunrises and sunsets. Be surprised by the magic of the mountains that comes to life during these golden hours.

    • Vivid Memories: Let us bring your memories back to life through our unique storytelling photography techniques. Every photo tells a story, and we ensure that your story is central.
    • Become an Outdoor Storyteller: Are you inspired to become an outdoor storyteller yourself? Then don't miss this opportunity to learn from us and combine your passion for adventure and storytelling.

    What, Where and When:

    Our photography adventure takes place in the beautiful mountains of Austria near Lake Achensee. Be enchanted by the majestic landscapes as we search together for the perfect story to tell. We sleep 3 nights in a beautiful mountain hut on a half-board basis and the walks are guided by mountain walking guide Nicky and Sher takes care of the photography workshops. Expect a full-day program and be careful, if the weather forecast is good, we will get out of bed in time so that we can capture the beautiful sunrise!

    Do you also want to be that outdoor storyteller? - then don't miss this!

    Trip continues with 5 participants

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    Photography sessions


    Light - golden hour

    But how do I capture this mountain? There is no right or wrong in photography, it is taste and a choice. We all see the same mountain, but we can all capture it in a different way. This is where the use of composition comes into play. In storytelling photography you learn to look differently because you actually want to tell something with your image(s). Which story do you capture in your frame?

    Quadriptych - double layers

    What makes storytelling travel photography so special? You can really take someone into the emotion, atmosphere and feeling during that journey. By taking a series of photos and adding diversity, you create the story from multiple layers and therefore even more story. Because we can never have enough stories, right?! We use double layers and multiple subjects here. What will your series be about?

    Creative - reflection, snow, vistas

    Creativity, this goes hand in hand with creating stories. The more creative, the more interesting for the viewer to keep watching. Naturally, you want to keep the viewer's attention. The mountain environment gives us plenty of opportunity to be creative. Think of reflections, views and perhaps snow!?

    Editing - colors - presets

    Okay, then you finally have your story, but how do you get it as a whole? Post-processing is very important here. The use of color creates one story. You immediately get the feeling that the series of photos belong together when they are edited in the same style. We would also like to include you in this, because we do not do half work.

    Beautiful workbook

    To bundle everything together nicely and reread all the knowledge you have acquired, we will provide you with a great workbook. You can leave your notes here and we have processed some additional assignments for you. We are never done learning!

    Sher takes care


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    She feels alive in the mountains


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    I am an experienced photographer, is this something for me?

    You do not need any specific experience as a photographer to participate in this trip. What matters most is your enthusiasm for photography and capturing the beauty of nature around you. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will learn a lot and enjoy this experience.

    Where do we sleep?

    During the trip we stay in a beautiful mountain hut high in the mountains. This cabin not only offers a comfortable place to rest after a day of adventure, but also breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.

    How much experience do I need with mountain hiking?

    No specific mountain hiking experience is required to participate in this trip. However, it is important that you are fit enough for hiking in the mountains, which often involves elevation changes and sometimes challenging terrain. You must be able to walk up and down and carry your own bag with your (possibly heavy) camera.

    Can I participate with my iPhone?

    Of course! You can absolutely participate in this journey with just your smartphone as a camera. Nowadays, smartphones offer excellent cameras that are perfect for capturing the beauty of the mountains. In fact, we encourage the use of smartphones as they are convenient and easy to use for photography on the go.

    I want to go alone, are there several solo travelers?

    Absolutely, you are certainly not the only one traveling alone! About 80% of the people who book this trip do so alone. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, find like-minded individuals and enjoy the adventure together.

    What is the size of the group?

    The group size has been deliberately kept limited to ensure a personal experience. There will be a maximum of 14 participants, which creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere during the trip.

    Walking distances per day

    During the trip we walk between 8 and 15 kilometers every day, with altitude differences varying between 500 and 1000 meters. These distances are suitable for people with different walking levels and offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the landscape.

    Packing list

    Although you will receive a detailed packing list from us, here is a summary of the essential photography equipment you will need to bring. This includes your phone with camera, a good camera with at least one lens, extra batteries and memory cards, a charger and other accessories you need to capture your photographic adventure.

    Daily planning

    The day's schedule will vary depending on the activities and locations we explore, but in general you can expect us to start our activities around 11am. This may include taking a gondola up, leaving our luggage at the hut and exploring the mountains. On the last day of the trip, we will end around 3:00 PM, giving you plenty of time to relax and say goodbye to this unforgettable adventure.

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