Welcome to Meet in the Mountains!

Meet in the Mountains acts as the umbrella organization that includes various fascinating travel concepts, all expertly set up by Certified Mountain Hiking Guides Nicky & Stefan. These concepts all take place in the majestic mountains – the place where Nicky & Stefan feel most alive and where they like to share their passion with the participants. It is not only the location where Nicky and Stefan met, but also the environment in which they prefer to be in.

Meet in the Mountains has built its foundation on three essential pillars:

1. Small scale:
At Meet in the Mountains you are not an anonymous participant. We cherish personal contact and know all our participants by name. But although we value this personal approach, we at the same time offer the professional structure of a large company. Register and get access to our platform & app, where you will find detailed information for your tour and preparation. From necessary equipment to physical preparation and mountain skills; we have bundled our extensive knowledge to provide you with optimal support. Moreover, by coming with us you contribute to realizing our dream: working in the mountains. We believe that if you do what you love, you can do the most for the world.

2. Safe Travels:
After in-depth research, we found that many mountain tour companies operate with uncertified guides, which can have serious consequences for participants. At Meet in the Mountains you we assure you to be in good hands of professional certified guides. We have recognition, which is crucial in countries like Austria, Switzerland or Italy. Choose safety and come with us. We are locally trained, know the terrain, act sustainably and maintain excellent relationships with the mountain huts we visit.

3. Preparing people for an independent mountain adventure:
Our goal is not for you to travel with us endlessly (although that is of course welcome). During our trips we share all our knowledge, so that afterwards you are not only more confident, but also able to go into the mountains independently. Trust us, that's even more fascinating than in a group! We take you through all aspects, from orientation and navigation to emergency procedures, so that you are truly part of the adventure. Together we open up the world of the mountains to you. Let your adventure begin with Meet in the Mountains!

About She feels alive in the mountains


As a former PE teacher, Nicky knows better than anyone how to teach people to move. Add to that her enthusiasm for the mountains and that together makes her the perfect certified mountain hiking guide for your mountain adventure!




Trailrunning, skitouring and snowshoeing are Stefan's favorite activities. And you're lucky because he is also a certified mountain hiking guide! Prepare for a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm.

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